Hello Creative Services - Erica Brooks

Hi, new friend!
I’m Erica Brooks.

I’m so happy you found me and my business, Hello Creative Solutions. I love making connections, whether that means connecting with new ideas, introducing a person I know to someone with a valuable skill or similar interest, or helping your message resonate with your audience.

I’m not satisfied with simply making something look pretty. My goal is to attract your audience to your message and motivate them toward action and deeper connection.

Hello Creative - Erica Brooks
Photo taken on the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. While I admit this pic is posed (could you tell?), I actually did work for a couple hours from the Sea to Sky Gondola’s Summit Lodge, surounded by the beautiful views of Howe Sound.
Education & Work History

I came to design via the circuitous route of a journalism degree from the esteemed University of Missouri. After more than a decade of working on custom-published magazines for clients in industries including healthcare, higher education, finance, travel and more, I started Hello Creative Solutions in 2016. You can see my full work history on LinkedIn.

Travel Enthusiast

Running my own biz allows me to pursue my love of travel, so you’ll often find me working from coffee shops in Europe, coworking spaces in Latin America, or campsites in the U.S. National Parks. Some highlights: 

2016-2017: I spent 15 months working remotely while traveling around Europe, north Africa, and South America. 

2018: I went on a three-month camping road trip around the western U.S.

2019: I visited my 41st country: Iceland. It was cool. (bah-dum-ching!) 

2020-2021: Well … let’s just say my travel budget mostly went toward renovating my front yard; I created a new patio space that I’ve taken to calling my “front office.” I often start my day drinking coffee and answering emails from the Adirondacks out front. I did squeeze in a couple great road trips to Utah/Colorado, and a nice, long visit with my sister and sister-in-law in my hometown, Manhattan, Kansas.

Home Base

When I’m not living the digital nomad life, I’m based in Phoenix, Arizona. As much as I enjoy travel, I’m also a major Phoenixphile; I especially love the food and drink scene here. If you ever need recommendations, my list of favorites is long and varied. On the weekends, you can often find me on one of the many hiking trails located in the middle of the city (when it’s not 110ºF), grabbing fresh produce from the Uptown Farmers Market, or hosting a backyard movie night with friends.

In November 2019 I had the honor of giving a talk at Creative Mornings Phoenix. The theme for that month was “Lost.”

Quirks & Hobbies

You’ll find my spice drawer alphabetized and my closet sorted by sleeve length and color. I believe Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies pair perfectly with whiskey, and homemade salad vinaigrettes are ten thousand times better than salty store-bought dressings. I consider myself a fauxtographer; I love taking photos, but half the time I have no clue what I’m doing with the camera. Most of all, I love learning new things. I’m constantly soaking up podcasts, watching TED Talks or MasterClass videos, and I always have at least one book on my bedside table and another queued up in my Libro.fm* account (a fantastic alternative to Amazon that also supports my favorite local bookstore, Changing Hands).

*Full disclosure: If you sign up for a Libro.fm account using that link, I’ll earn a free credit in my account and you’ll be able to select your own favorite independent bookstore to support with your purchase or subscription.

As I mentioned above, I love making connections. Whether you have a project in mind, are a fellow designer looking to talk shop, or simply want my list of favorite Phoenix restaurants, I’d love to hear from you.

A little postscript about my values.

I seek opportunities to collaborate with clients, vendors, and audiences who celebrate and value diversity, equity, and inclusion in their practices. I chose to name my business Hello Creative Solutions because I believe that just as a friendly “Hello!” begins a dialogue, effective design and marketing solutions start a conversation with an audience. A good conversation and a good business partnership occur when each participant brings their authentic perspectives to the discourse with both pride and respect, encompassing all facets of identity and self-expression.

Hello Creative - Postscript Values