The Stories of Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs in the United States of America Book

CLIENT: Saloua Ibaline

DELIVERABLE: Hardback book

I collaborated with business coach Saloua Ibaline to create a book telling the stories of intrepid women who immigrated to the United States from all over the world and have gone on to establish and run their own businesses in their new home country. The book began as a germ of an idea from Saloua in the spring of 2019, and we self-published the book in the fall of 2021. Saloua spearheaded this passion project, and Erica Page provided editorial guidance. It was a true honor to help bring these stories to life.

The Stories of Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs is available on Blurb, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as select small businesses and independent bookstores (like my local favorite, Changing Hands).